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  • Single clinician practice
  • Unlimited patients
  • 7 GB database storage
  • No contract

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Pricing items Units Basic (No Contract) Enterprise (1-Year Upfront) Enterprise pro (3-Year Upfront) Non-Profit Plan
Number of clinician
Referral Module (feature)
Patient module & Hands-free Check-in (feature)
AI Module (feature)
Permium support (24X7X365)
Notification module (feature)
Workflow module (feature)
Medium pro Storage (20 GB) (Unit cost $ 1.00)
 (Unit cost $ 1.00)
Ultimate Storge (100 GB) (Unit cost $ 0.75)
 (Unit cost $ 0.75)
Non-Shared Tenancy
Custom Therapy Templates (OT)
Practice Jump start (OT)
Total monthly recurring

Total yearly recurring

Total one time cost

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A behavioral health care management software that helps practices to manage their patients, digital transformation of their data to our platform, easier way of scheduling appointments, conducting and managing their sessions focused on behavioral health, view the diagnostics of patients heath, treatment plans and more here.

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