Comprehensive Dashboard

Dashboard is the Front desk contains
the shortcuts of each module.

Patient Pre-Registration

Collection of patient demographic information
including personal and contact information.

Patient Management

Have patients complete intake forms before
the appointment with Online Check-In.


Drugtest Management

Drug test is the process of a test type to
check the patient test result is +ve or -ve

Check-in Management

Check-in is a process of attendance of
a patients with their Signature.

Treatment Plan

Treatment plan is a process to choose a plan
of a patient with start date & end date.


Scheduling Management

Schedule management assign the schedule
of a patient with program date & time.

One Session

It is the operation of storing the notes
type & rating manner of a patient.

Report Management

To collect the Individual Module report
& Complete Report of a patient.


Staff Management

Staff management is a process to
add a new staff and give permission.

Program Management

Program management is a process
to add a program for a patient.

Referral Management

Referral management is a process to add
a new referral person with referral source.


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